When and Why To Inspect for Mold

When and Why to Inspect for MOLD When should a mold inspection…

Mold in your AC

Mold and your health

Safety First!


 Real Estate Transaction

Real estate agents can call Mold Inspect Tech for consultation on transactions, where the house inspector has seen what is believed to be a mold problem and would like a professional evaluation.

Mold and your Health

Mold is part of the natural environment. Outdoors, mold plays an important part in nature by breaking down dead organic matters such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided.

How does mold affect your health?

Exposure to mold is not healthy for anyone; however mold does pose a greater threat for the following individuals: Infants, children, expectant mothers, the elderly and patients with a weakened immune and respiratory system.

What can I do as a tenant?

Generally, the landlord is responsible for repairing moisture problems and cleaning up mold, unless it is a minor issue related to the tenant’s behavior.

What can be done about Indoor Mold?

Tenants and landlords should try to work cooperatively to investigate and correct moisture problems and remove mold growth.